We offer kits to convert 2004 & newer 3.7L engines to fit the 2002 & 2003 first generation timing.

We have successively converted up to a 2011 3.7L to fit a 2002.

The blocks and the heads are all virtually the same.

Intake, front cover, fuel rail, exhaust manifolds, sensor will all fit.
The accessories have the differences.
(you will have to transfer everything from the 02 -03 motor)

The only differences are in how the computer reads timing.

The 02-03 engines have a 12 tooth reluctor ring, in 2004 chrysler went to a 32 tooth reluctor ring.

The engines in 02-03 also had timing gear that reads jtec. Also in 2004 chrysler went to a gear reading NGC.

They also put an EGR valve on the motor in 2006.
We offer block off plates to cover the egr hole.

Just to be clear in order to convert these you will need the following:

1) 02-03 reluctor ring 12 teeth  ($100)
2) jtec timing gear  ($100)
3) lower end gasket set ( $80)
4) EGR block off plate  if  the new motor has an EGR (free with purchase)