• Machine Shop Services

    We offer full machine shop service’s.
    We take pride in keeping our over head lower to provide you with smarter, better priced service’s!
    Cylinder head typical Clean, Check, & Resurface: $40 for one head, $30 for the second!

  • Videos from The Gurus

    If your looking how to set timing, or looking for the Engine Rebuilder know how. Then you have came to the right place! Here at Engine Guru we are not afraid to share our knowledge with the community! – Stop Block Installation – Cylinder Bore – Plastigauge – 2002 2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7L Conversion kit

  • Parts

    We offer Master Rebuild Kits, Re-Ring Kits, Pistons, Gaskets, Rings, Oil Pumps 3.7l Conversion Kits, 4.7L Conversion Kits, EYC…

Looking for a hard to find auto part? Look no further!